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Our Projects. 

Here are just a few of the communities we have had the privilege of working in. We have worked in more than two  dozen communities across the United States. Give us a call to schedule your residency week.

Glasco, KS.

Stories to Songs had it's birth in Glasco, KS. Working with community leader Joan Nothern, Aaron and Joan cooked up an idea of bringing together students and community elders to share stories, build bonds across generational lines and build stronger community connections. 

Since 2003 we have interview and written songs about more than 60 residents from this small yet vital community. 

Topeka, KS

This residency was a summer project at ????? Lutheran Church. Inspired by a woman who's passions was storytelling, the family, following her death wanted to give a lasting legacy to the church. 

Middle and High school students interviewed 3 church leaders and created songs from the stories that were shared. A unique way to build connections in a faith community.

Scott City, KS

Funded by the Finnup Foundation in Garden City, this residency worked with 7th grade English class students at Scott City Middle School. The tie in to the curriculum worked very nicely. 

Retelling story is a key standard and this project allowed students to not only practice the skill or retelling story but gave them a deeper connection with elders in their city. One of the interviewees was a staff person at the school and this project gave the students a new and exciting way to connect with the teacher.

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